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Connecting With God's Plan

Have you ever been faced with doing something, but you were unsure if it was God who was asking you to do it, or if it was just you? In today's podcast, Neal teaches how to know when something is from God and how to connect with His plan.

Called By God

Today Neal speaks about the plans for your life, and how to know when those plans are from God, or if they are just your plans.

When God Stirs In Us

Today Neal teaches about one of the ways God speaks to us. Many people have experienced it, but they don’t always know how to describe it, or understand what it is. In this teaching, you'll be encouraged how to recognize it as the voice of God, and learn how to lean into it.

Because It Matters

Today Neal shares a hidden secret to success he recently learned. When people think about success, they usually think it's the big things that open doors, but sometimes it's the small things that are the most relevant.

Lord or Savior?

In today's message, Neal teaches the difference between knowing Jesus as your Lord & Savior or just your Savior.

During The Test

Going through tests as a believer can be uncomfortable, but knowing what to expect can help make it easier. Today, Neal teaches about going through a test, and why God's voice may be quiet.

What Is Your Foundation?

There's a big difference between hoping for an outcome and believing for an outcome. As God's children, we're called to stand in faith by believing, but what scriptures are you using as your foundation? Today, Neal asks the question, "What Is Your Foundation?"

FAITH - The Currency Of Heaven

There are many different types of currency within the world, but to make a purchase, you must have the right one based on where you're located. Today, Neal teaches about "FAITH: The Currency Of Heaven," and explains heaven's system works the same way.

FEAR - The Currency Of Darkness

There are many different types of fear in this world, but all fears come from one source. Today, Neal teaches that "Fear is the currency of darkness," and if left unchecked & allowed to fester, can grow and cause significant damage.

How To Read The Bible

Learning to read the Bible is an extremely important part of hearing God's voice; however, many are unsure how to do so. Today, Neal teaches "How To Read The Bible" and provides simple steps to improve your Bible study time.

When God Stretches You

Why is it that people tend to ignore God when His instruction leads us into uncomfortable situations? The answer is because we don't like being stretched. It makes us feel exposed and can be unpleasant at times, but it also primes us for growth. Today, Neal teaches about "When God Stretches You."

Free From The Past

Many people walk through life weighed down by guilt, and shame from the past. This type of mindset is referred to as Sin Conscienceness. Today, Neal teaches how to break "Free From The Past" and discover eternity mindedness.