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Perspective And What That Means

In today's video, Neal teaches the value of perspective and how it impacts your life. If left unchecked, it can lead to you feeling negative, alone, scared, and even depressed. But simple adjustments and discipline to stay focused on the right things can lead to feelings of happiness and gratitude.

Stop Waiting For It To Be Perfect

In today's video, Neal & Taylor teach on the importance of not waiting for perfect conditions to follow your dreams and calling God is speaking to you.

When Things Don't Go As Planned

In today's video, Neal and his daughter Taylor discuss the difference between our expectations and God's expectations and how to respond when things don't go as planned.

What Does It Mean To Be A Partner?

In today's short video, Neal explains the biblical principle of partnership and why a financial partnership with a ministry is beneficial to all parties involved.

What Is Hyper Grace?

The spirit of antichrist is at work in churches today and is pushing a message and agenda of Hyper-Grace. Today, Neal discusses what the "Hyper-Grace" message is, why it is so dangerous to all who follow it, and how to identify it.

Are God's Ways Mysterious?

Many people believe that God works in mysterious ways, but is that accurate? Today, Neal discusses the topic, "Are God's Ways Mysterious?"

Walking In Love

Treating people kindly and walking in love is very important, but we shouldn't just do it for those we know. We can change the world by walking in love toward others. Today, Neal teaches that walking in love means putting the needs of others before ourselves.

Why Did The Devil Wait 40 Days?

Why did the devil wait 40 days? Because he was watching Jesus, but what was he watching for? Today, Neal shares some insight into what the devil was doing, and why he's still doing it to you.

Redemption Through Forgiveness

In today's episode of Champion's Moments, Neal speaks with Tom & Tiki Finlayson of as they share their story of redemption and forgiveness after losing their son in a drunk driving accident. This testimony is very moving and will encourage you to walk in God's power of love and forgiveness.